Avoid opaque broker fees and save big by retirement

Trade directly with other book-entry investors for free.
(Did you know the average stock trade goes through 11 intermediaries? Cut out the middlemen by trading direct!)

Investor App - stock buy order submission

Zero fees for account funding, transfers, or recovery.
(Goodbye surety bonds and stock powers for electronic book-entry shares!)

Never get stuck holding counterfeit brokerage shares.
(Always own direct registered shares for takeovers, lawsuits, and qualified taxes.)

Investor App - stock holdings portfolio summary
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Become an active part of the companies you invest in

Dividend reinvestment plans with added contributions.

(Goodbye dilution or not investing enough in your future!)

Investor App - stock buy order submission
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Escape unknown brokerage registration.
(Goodbye companies you buy not recognizing you directly!)

Vote directly with your companies to help them make great choices.
(Never have your votes lost or overruled by your broker again!)

Investor App - shareholder proxy voting screen
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Open an account from anywhere with just your phone

Easy access - growth - and investor diversity

Founder John Wooten coding the alpha version of Block Transfer

Block Transfer is built for investors, by investors, from investments.

Our founder closed down his hedge fund after its best year ever to bootstrap the company, aiming to modernize markets. We believe:

  • Quality investments should be available to anyone,

(No more geographic or economic restrictions!)

  • Aggressive investors should have access to private stocks, and

(No more backdoor deals or waiting for a pricy IPO!)

  • Markets should be fair and transparent.

(No more hidden fees from brokers, banks, and market makers!)