"This is the secret they

don't want you to know."

— Bibic at WhyDRS.org

Truly Free Trading ❔↗
Leverage math instead of 10–11 big banks and brokers per trade

Investor App - stock buy order submission
Production Mockup
Production Mockup

Paid for by companies selling stock
(​And you can waive legacy paperwork goodbye)

Never get stuck holding counterfeit brokerage shares.
(Always own direct registered shares for takeovers, lawsuits, and qualified taxes.)

​Mention 7 decimal place DRS shares

Investor App - stock holdings portfolio summary
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Become an active part of the companies you invest in

Dividend reinvestment plans with added contributions.

(Goodbye dilution or not investing enough in your future!)

Investor App - stock buy order submission
Image coming soon...
Image coming soon...

Escape unknown brokerage registration.
(Goodbye companies you buy not recognizing you directly!)

Vote directly with your companies to help them make great choices.
(Never have your votes lost or overruled by your broker again!)

Investor App - shareholder proxy voting screen
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Including the release of our app.