About TAD3

Background: Transfer Authentication 🔗

Discover why the archaic and inconvenient legacy system of medallion signature guarantees is fraught with delays, limited access, and errors.

Background: Proxy Voting Solutions 🔗

From the convoluted process of voting by phone to the cumbersome distribution of physical materials, fixing flaws in the proxy voting system.

Introducing TAD3 🔗

According to the SEC: the promulgated Transfer Agent Depository will replace the certificate with computerized stockowner lists, providing all investor and company records.

Direct Trading Between Investors 🔗

Introducing a transformative approach to securities trading through the principles of self-custody, efficient disintermediation, and user inclusivity.

Innovative Securities Frameworks

Importance of Web3 Compliance 🔗

The WalletConnect protocol change restricting services in Russia is a wake-up call for the blockchain industry, underscoring regulatory impact.