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Inclusive Web3 Proxy Ballots: Democratizing Traditional Shareholder Voting
From the convoluted process of voting by phone to the cumbersome distribution of physical materials, the current proxy voting system is rife with issues. Centralized control numbers, vote counting errors, and the OBO/NOBO rule further complicate matters, often at your expense.
John Wooten
30 Oct 2023 9:00 - Comment(s)
Breaking the Seal: Why Medallion Signature Guarantees are Obsolete in Web3
Discover why the archaic and inconvenient legacy system of medallion signature guarantees is fraught with delays, limited accessibility, and the potential for human error. Learn how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the landscape, offering a faster, more secure, and transparent alternative.
John Wooten
04 Sep 2023 9:00 - Comment(s)